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Accessibility and Communication    


Life gets busy, but local government decisions should be easy to participate in and follow. A priority for me as Mayor will be to include as many people as possible in our critical community conversations. This means continuing to innovate the way that City Council meetings are broadcast, structured, and communicated. I’ll work to make it easy for you to know when key conversations are happening and ensure these conversations take place early in the meeting. Additionally, I’ll make sure that remote meeting participation continues after the pandemic—communicating when these conversations will take place as well as the related decision made afterward.




I believe a more inclusive government means a stronger community. For example, while serving on City Council, I worked hard to get a resident-led sustainability board established. To date, 15 residents have participated on that board, two of whom have gone on to serve on City Council. Leveraging the talents and volunteer time of our residents has accelerated our progress in this area. Looking ahead, I support a full diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment of our community to see where we can continue to make improvements. 


Respecting the Past While Thinking Long-Term


One of my favorite quotes is, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Our government needs to keep this in mind as we think about how development and investments in infrastructure, sustainability, and education will impact future generations. Incorporated in 1901, Edgewater proudly turned 120 this year. Protecting and preserving our history is key to maintaining our city’s character, which differentiates us from many of our neighbors.


Commitment to the Basics


Any successful organization should strive to be brilliant at the basics, and the City of Edgewater is no different. The city’s core functions include public safety, city services, parks and recreation, infrastructure, and code enforcement. I am committed to ensuring that these functions thrive as we take on new challenges.

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