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Edgewater Testimonials


Bobbie Schuppert,
Edgewater Historian

"I have known John since he first ran for a seat on City Council. At that time, he told both my husband and me that he was very interested in programs that aided seniors living in Edgewater. John worked on maintaining the fall and spring yard cleanup programs for seniors, which also included washing outside windows of seniors’ homes and trimming trees. John also promoted a partnership program with the nonprofit A Little Help so seniors could continue to live independently in their homes. As mayor, John will continue to support senior citizens living in Edgewater. Therefore, I support John Beltrone for Mayor of the City of Edgewater.


Sarah Martinez,
Former Sustainability Board Member

"I had the pleasure of serving on the Sustainability Board with John. He provided guidance for listening to the community, learning from others, and setting aspirational yet appropriate goals. As a result, Edgewater now has a road map for strengthening our environmental and social fabric, and we wouldn't have gotten here without John. Because of his leadership and dedication to the community, I fully support John Beltrone for Mayor.


Katie Mancinelli, LCSW,
Former Lumberg Elementary Social Worker

"John has shown himself to be an ally with the field of mental health. He tirelessly advocated for and supported adding Edgewater's first police mental health co-responder positions, which will better support our community and residents. Throughout the pandemic, John has advocated for those in need, experiencing homelessness, or under financial strain. Because of his consistent belief in bettering Edgewater by putting people first, I support John Beltrone for Mayor without hesitation.

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